Conférences 2018
  • Levi F., Chang-Marchand Y., Li, XM :Systems Cancer Chronotherapeutics. EMBO/ EMBL Symposium: Biological Oscillators: Design, Mechanism, Function, June 3-5th 2018, Heidelberg, Germany (Invited)
  • Levi F., Ballesta A.: Séminaire de la Société Francaise de Biologie, 2 May 2018, Paris, France. (invited)
  • Ballesta A: Circadian and sleep-wake cycles: models and Data, 23-24 April 2018, University of Warwick, UK (invited)
  • Levi F. : "Personalized cancer care and treatment according to body clocks through e-Health platforms” World Health Summit Regional Meeting, April 19-20th 2018, Coimbra, Portugal (Invited)
  • Levi F. : Real time human circadian rhythms measurements in the era of precision chronomedicine. UK Clock Club, January 12th 2018, Leicester, United Kingdom (Invited)
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